Ceramic miniatures world

Mini Keramika began as a small family business crafting intricate ceramic miniatures, inspired by fantasy worlds. Through our daily work and creative endeavors, the idea gradually emerged to replicate existing houses, marking the inception of our adventure.

Through diligent attention to detail in every miniature, whether it be mini ceramic houses or miniature pottery creations, we have honed our craft. Our commitment to quality and dedication to nurturing strong customer relationships have been the cornerstones of our growth over the years. Now, filled with excitement, we eagerly share our meticulously crafted work with people all around the world.

We specialize in crafting handmade ceramic replicas of famous buildings from around the globe, which adds an extra touch of uniqueness to our collection. This includes ceramic houses with tea lights, ceramic incense cone burners, as well as thematic pieces such as ceramic Christmas tea light houses and mini Christmas trees. With these items, you can even create an entire ceramic Christmas village!

Over the years, we have had a chance to collaborate with prestigious institutions like the Kunst Haus Wien museum, crafting exceptional pieces such as miniatures of the Royal Palace and the Western Church in Amsterdam, the Cologne Cathedral in Keln, and many others. Explore photos of these miniature marvels on our website.

Additionally, we specialize in crafting custom clay miniature houses, including replica models of your house and unique gifts such as ceramic houses with tea lights and ceramic incense cone burners. Our creations are perfect for home decoration, serving as timeless pieces that capture the charm of old houses. We warmly welcome individual orders, inviting you to let us create a beautiful memory of your favorite landmark or your own house. Our custom clay miniature houses make thoughtful, heartwarming, and unique gifts for your loved ones.

How are these miniatures created?

Clay mass undergoes a long journey before it becomes an exquisite miniature or an awe-inspiring piece of art

First, the clay is rolled out into uniformly thick sheets and individual pieces are cut out of it. These are then used to make the detailed wall and roof segments of the miniature buildings.
Later, they are brought together into a single creation, which is left to dry naturally. Depending on the size, this can take anything from three days to three weeks.

Only when completely dry, is the miniature fired in a 950-degree kiln. Afterwards, the piece is glazed and fired for the second time in 1010-degree heat.

The resulting miniature is then ready to serve as a beautiful home decoration or a special gift!