Ceramic miniature of original house in Ghent BEL 08 mini

Handmade exclusive ceramic miniature.

Used as an incense holder for home decor, special addition to your collection or exclusive gift for your loved ones.

23,80  (with VAT)


Our hand-made ceramic houses are crafted with care from selected clay, shaped with attention to detail, and painted by hand. Each piece is similar yet uniquely different, with slight variations in shape and color, making every house special and exclusive.

This incense holder can be used not only as exquisite home decor, it is also can be a heartwarming gift for your loved ones. Imagine gifting not just a decoration, but a piece of heart—a symbol of thoughtfulness and exclusivity. Light up incense cone, put it inside the little house and let the soothing fragrance fill the space. Watching smoke going out of the chimney has the power to evoke warm memories and cause sentimental feelings. A simple and stylish way to enhance relaxation.

Please note that incense is not included in the purchase.

Additional information

Dimensions 8 cm