EU projects

Investments in the digitization of e-sales to increase the company's profitability

Funded by the European Regional Development Fund as a measure of the European Union’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

JSC “Mini keramika” is a manufacturer of handmade ceramic products. The most important goal of the company is to ensure that the ceramic products produce meet the needs of customers and do not go unnoticed. In order to increase the company’s competitiveness and profitability, the company is starting to implement the project “Investments in the digitalization of JSC Mini keramika e-sales transactions in order to increase the company’s profitability”. The project is implemented according to the measure „E. komercijos modelis COVID-19“. Project financing – 49,725.00 Eur from the European Regional Development Fund. The total value of the project is 66,300.00 Eur. The project will implement e. commerce system for wholesale and retail trade of ceramic miniatures. A resource management system will also be integrate for fully automated order administration. The period of project implementation – from 2022 02 17 to 2023 02 20. The implementation of a customer self-service solution, products and services in the e-commerce platform, including a solution for managing production and service orders, the integration of the resource management system into the products and services e-commerce platform will allow the company to increase sales volumes and secure a place in the market. This system will not only automate the acceptance of orders, but the customer will pay for the product immediately, and the delivery details will be coordinated. A safe, fast and convenient contactless sales method will increase the demand for products. This will improve the company’s productivity and work performance. E-commerce is not only a popular means of electronic communication, but also an opportunity easily and cheaply realize company goals – to be visible, provide information about yourself, attract and better meet the needs of users. After the implementation of the project, the company will increase sales, profitability and work productivity. Investing in the implementation of a customer self-service solution will quickly increase the company’s knowledge and competitiveness.